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31 December, 2008


As a blistering and equally beautiful year is passing by, silently, I know it will leave behind some unanswered questions. And I'm also sure that few more difficult one's will arrive as the coming will start proceeding. During this undefined period between Christmas and New Year, when endterm exams are over and the studies are on a halt for a little while, I feel that the life has turned even more miserable.....The vacant hours, The Tik-Tok of the clock on the wall; they are all forcing me to focus more on the coming year than the beautiful one which is yet to go. In 2009, I'd like to plant some new seeds in my life, which are in dormant state right now. Dormant seeds! Like seeds of hope, seeds of faith and belief, seeds of spirituality, seeds of compassion and fresh dreams. I know my loved one's will help me as they always have. Come 2009. :-)