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06 May, 2009

Six Weeks, No Blogging, No Internet

Since I started blogging last year in December, it has always remained unmoved in my daily routine. Though I don't post everyday but I do spend a lot of good time in reading the blogs of my lovely friends around the world. As I must have written sometimes before that past few months have been fantastic; I have made a few good friends through the 'blogger' and have received many heart touching comments for those shots of mine which I thought were just not good enough to be put anywhere except my laptop. So I thank all of you for your love. Fact of the matter is; I'm going off the internet for around six weeks and wouldn't be available to post or to see your blogs and reply your comments. But it's necessary. I have my finals coming up. The time has arrived to cash in from all my efforts and hard work with some good grades. And soon after, my second elder brother is getting married. So I can't avoid the finals; and it will still be a bit difficult for me to come back and blog immediately.

An Indian Wedding is a huge event. It needs at least a month of planning and involvement along with the rituals which keep us away from any other (and lesser important) business of our lives.