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21 August, 2009

Just A Rainy Night

This night is different than all the other summer nights. Something like my earliest childhood. During a rainy season, it rained in daytime and it rained even more at nights. My life has somehow transcend along with the tropical rain and I can't remember anything without this rain being a part of it. I miss the monsoon showers, the sound of rain drops falling on the trees of my backyard, the beating of droplets on my window, playing cricket in the water logged playground, missing school due to it and more then anything else, I miss the desire of growing older. But still, today it was pleasant, like any rainy afternoon you saw an old Irish castle from a distance and through a thick pool of water, like you desperately wanted it to rain and at the end of the day it ended up raining too much more than you wanted......may be like the old yellow pages of your favorite story book getting wet by the first drop of the monsoon.