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14 November, 2009

Home Town Pictures - 5, Flowers

Hello Dear Friends,

I has really been long since I made my last post. It was still late winters when I uploaded the 4th part of my hometown series-"Wild Plants" but now summers are on with all its heat. I was very busy with my academics and my daily routine that I almost missed the arrival of springs this year. I remember, last year I captured so many colorful flowers and uploaded quite a few here too but so far, everything has been secondary except studies this year. It seems like I'm missing the best half of myself, that is, taking pictures.

Anyways, here is the 5th part of my hometown photos series-"Flowers." Please note that these photos are not from this spring, rather I captured them in past 2-3 visits to my hometown including all other photos that I'll be posting here soon.
Love- Nishant Nischal.