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15 November, 2009

Home Town Pictures - 6, Creatures

Dear Friends,

The frequency of me posts, has reduced dramatically in past year or so. In a few previous posts, I mentioned the fact that I had very little time for blogging then. I also know that there won't be anything new if I dragged the time factor again but I'm afraid that I still have no better reason. This post comes straight away after 15 weeks while there was a time when I used to write a 'blogpost' even to notify that "I wouldn't be able to blog for next six weeks." :-/

My absence doesn't really suggest that I don't even have one hour to make post. No!!! But I find it a little difficult to visit all my blogger friends regularly. At most of the times I'm busy and at other times, I'm a little too lazy, I admit. I had never known that staying alone was this difficult. The joy of blogging comes principally from visits and sharing comments and when I can't visit my blogger friends regularly then there is nothing left in making blind posts. Taking photos seems a distant dream and it has eventually gone out of my reach now. I can only post what I have in stock from my hometown. :-(

So here is the sixth part and the last of my hometown photo series- '
Creatures'. It must have taken more than one visit to capture them as much as I can recall.
Much Love- Nishant Nischal. xxx